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Tag in ReadyApi


Tag in ReadyApi

Can any one please explain how the tags work in readyApi, when you run from commandline, testrunner.bat. I can not use what is written in the documentation

I have testSuites and testCases, some of them taget and some not. Let us say testSuite1 has tag 'regressionTest', testSuite2 has tag 'unitTest' and testSuite3 has tag 'smokeTest'. How should I write on the commandline if I only want to run the testSuite tagged with 'regressionTest'. I have tried 

>testrunner.bat -f"%WORKSPACE%\output1" -FPDF -j "%WORKSPACE%\my_project" -T"TestSuite regressionTest"

but I still get the whole project run. I appreciate your answer.

And what does this mean? 

The specified tags must be assigned to the test cases and test suites that you specify by using the -s and -c arguments. Otherwise, there will be no tests to execute.

Do I need to write every testsuite with -s and every testcase with -c before I can use the Tag? Please any noe can explain?

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If you are unsure of how to create the command line for TestRunner.bat have you tried using the TestRunner GUI to geterate your command line for you? The documentation is here:


The one thing that I spotted was that the documentaion has the project specified after all of the arguments, in your example it is not. Try:


testrunner.bat "-f%WORKSPACE%\output1" -FPDF -j -T"TestSuite regressionTest" "%WORKSPACE%\my_project" 



Note: I have not tested this so I recommend that you use the GUI linked above.

Thanks , I have tried with both 

testrunner.bat "-f%WORKSPACE%\output1" -FPDF -j -T"TestSuite regressionTest" "%WORKSPACE%\my_project" 


"-TTestSuite regressionTest"

None of them works. By that I mean no test is excuted now. The documentation is abit confusing. It says:

Usage: -T"<Test Item> <Tags>", where:

then it says :

"-TTestSuite Tag1 && !Tag2" "-TTestCase Tag3 || Tag4"

That is why I have tried both -T" and "-T ... no test is excuted now.


and by the way I use ReadyApi 2.4

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Yeah, I spotted the inconsistency in the documentation as well, I took it to mean that either was is OK.


Did you try using the TestRunner GUI to generate the command line?

Yes I did, and I still do not get any test excuted. But I also get and exception error I need to look into it in more detail. Thanks 

Hi Radford

Finally it worked by using TestRunner GUI to generate the command line. Then I copied the generated cmdline to the cmdline and it worked with "-TTestCase regressionTest". Thank you very much for the idea 🙂 




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