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SoapUI breaks method names when adding WADL

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SoapUI breaks method names when adding WADL


There is the following critical bug in SoapUI 4.0.1 Pro which greatly prevents the colaborative usage of SoapUI projects and Test suit importing.

The bug manifests itself in the following:

- Adding SoapUI-generated WADL file to a project will result in the method names being broken. If a method is named "Method 1" in the original project then in the project with the imported WADL the method will get a name in the form "Method 1 - Method 1" ("method:@id - doc:@title" from the WADL XML definition). If the the <doc> tag of the <method> definition in the WADL file is missing, then the name will be " - Method 1".

Consequences: Importing a test suite in project with imported WADL will break the Test suite, because reource method names have changed. In teams where WADL files and Test suites are exchanged between members in the form of files then this leads to broken tests.

To reproduce:

1. Create new project
2. Add REST Service
3. Add a resource
4. Add a method and name it "Method 1"
5. Create Test suite and a test case with step using "Method 1"
6. Export the SoapUI-generated WADL and the Test suite
7. Create new project
8. Add the generated WADL file from Step #6

9. BUG: Observe the method name being named as "Method 1 - Method 1"

10. In the second project import the test suite exported in Step #6

11. CONSEQUENCE: The test suite will not import properly because there is no "Method 1"

Please, make SoapUI to construct method names when importing WADL only from the ID attribute of the METHOD tag in the WADL file.
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thanks for reporting this - I've added to our internal bug-tracker for fixing..


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