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[SoapUI] - How to make Load Test fail when a Groovy Step assert fails

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[SoapUI] - How to make Load Test fail when a Groovy Step assert fails

Hi guys,


I have a Groovy Step in my test case. I run some validation and I make an assert at the end.

When I run only my groovy step, it fails correctly.


But when I run my Load Test, with my Groovy step, it doesn't show any error.

What I need to do to get my asserts results into the load test?


Thanks for reading. 

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Based on my experiences, during a Load test, errors will not cause the load test to fail/stop. Instead, it will throw an error and will be logged in the "Errors" during the run. If you require the Load test to stop when that groovy script fails, you may have to find a different way to handle that.


I moved your thread to LoadUI, since you are working with Load tests. 


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You can stop a load test manually or by the time. There is no condition about failed assertions. 

But, there is an option to Abort test case execution on error: Default Test Case Options

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