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Reprt of readyAPi

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Reprt of readyAPi

Requirement of report  -

1) request


3)why teststep  pass

4)Why teststep fail


6)End point


8)Testcase name

9)test suite name

please find attached for approach and follow that .

We need report in Pdf format.

How to write  teardownscript and setupscript  in readyAPI ?

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Looks you have come up with approach and groovy script. What is the issue?

And why do you need all the above things in the report?
There couple of factors that needs to be considered.

- Who is the target audience for the report?

- Request and response can be collected easily. However, imagine the time that will be spend to generate and amount of memory required if there are thousands of tests. Why are these required if the tests are passed? Of course, for that good assertions to be in place so that the test is passed all the checks. The tool any way captures them if the test fails which might actually interested for the responsible engineer.

- When the test is failed it will have the end point details.

- The tool can generate the report in pdf format. Use testrunner utility to execute the tests with appropriate reporting options and these designed based on wide usage and standards. And the tool allows to customize the reports. Please try them before writing our own.

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why do you need all the above things in the report?
There couple of factors that needs to be considered.

===>Its organization requirement.

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I didn't expect an answer; rather introspect and discuss with the team and decide what is required and why. What are the shorts falls of using standard reporting and possible easy customization.

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Hi @prajakta,

I appreciate you state the report fields you list are "required by your organisation", but as @nmrao said the list youve provided needs to be carefully considered.
An example of one of the reasons we're saying this is cos the list provided includes "reason test step fails" and "reason test step passes" as field attributes on the report.

The fact that youve included these attributes indicates the list has been put together by someone that is unfamiliar with soapui and in some ways testing itself.
Ignoring the fail option, youd never include a reason a step just passes so you dont worry about it. There'd be no added value in reporting the pass reason.
In regards to reason a step fails, its unlikely youd get this level of granularity in an execution report. You might include the failure itself (e.g. regex match failure, pattern [A-Z]{5}[0-9]{1}), but its unlikely youd get the full failure reason on the report saying "regex pattern facet restriction match failure due to invalid value 'Abcde99' for regex pattern [A-Z]{5}[0-9]{1}", due to the level of effort required and also this is dependent on the test tool itself. Its not impossible, but i believe its unlikely as i say due to the effort involved for little added value.

The above is just a single reason why we're saying you might want to go back to the person who suggested the report attributes and revisit what is essential and what attributes are just nice to have and go from there.


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We need in the report request and response but it will not shown in the attached image there only shows pass test steps name .

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Hi @prajakta,


The following article contains a Groovy example of how to generate a PDF/Excel/CSV type of report. You can play with this example to generate your own code:

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