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Removing a property doesn't remove the column values when the datasource is grid

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Removing a property doesn't remove the column values when the datasource is grid


When I tried to remove a property (essentially I want to remove a column) when the datasource type is grid, only the column header got removed but all the values stayed there and therefore the next column to the right got shifted to the left and took on the values of the deleted properties.

Properties: firstname, lastname

firstname  lastname
Joe            Smith
Mary          Johnson
Henry        Chilver

If I remove firstname property, it only removes the column header firstname.  Then lastname header will get shifted and take on all firstname values. 

This is a bug.  Maybe you can add an option to delete column and insert columns.

Also, please add a horizontal scroll bar when the column number increase, all the column are clustered together and are very difficult to view.

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Thanks Li,

will be fixed in upcoming snapshot..

sorry for the inconvenience..


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Hi Li,

this should be fixed in the 2.0 beta1 release.. check it out!


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So we are 5 years later now and this is what you get from the current SoapUI (we are using v4.5.1)

From the following page, none of the methods to do with columns work correctly. ... Model.html

Try to remove the column. Nothing will happen visually and getColumnCount() will return the same value.
Try however to write to the last column index (getColumnCount()-1). This will return out of bounds exception .

Even worse situation is when you try to change column's order. You may end up values getting swapped between them. Although it may look ok on the screen, getColumnName(int column) it will give you false idea which column you are actually reading the values from.

When all of the sudden your project starts behaving crazy, I can only wish you success trying to debug that kind of thing with the groovy facilities provided within this proprietary application.

Ole commented in 2007 that it was fixed in snapshot, so it must have been fixed long back. The fix is never done to the main build, its either done in maintenance or future builds, the latest version of Ready API 1.6.0 SoapUI NG Pro, doesnt have this bug.



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