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ReadyAPI - Which files store the test tags ?

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ReadyAPI - Which files store the test tags ?

I want to know which ReadyAPI files get updated when we create new tags or update the tags for a test case.


I need to know this so that I can check in *only* the updated files into source control, but not the unchanged files. I use Perforce for source control, which does not show me the files which get updated when I make changes in ReadyAPI. Moreover, it allows us to checkin files even if they are not changed (although you can prevent this by reverting unchanged files). So, I need to know which files get changed when I create tags or update tags of a test.

Documentation for the test tags feature -
Examples of files in ReadyAPI - suite or project level settings.xml & element.order, test case xml files etc.

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Hi @rajs2020,

If you create/remove/modify tags for a test case, the changes will be reflected in the following files of your composite project:
1. the project-level settings.xml file
2. the XML file of the modified test case (<FunctionalTestSuiteName> folder <TestCaseName>.xml)

Hope this information helps.


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