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ReadyAPI Performance and Data Source

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ReadyAPI Performance and Data Source

Alright I may be overthinking this scenario.  I'm new to using the Load Testing features of ReadyAPI Performance (formerly LoadUI).


In the standard Functional Testing Suite, lets say I want to cycle through a set of query parameters.

Bob, Bill , Sam , Tom etc

I could use a bunch of different tools to generate the list as a Data Source.

Set the step that utilizes it 

and then create a data source loop to go through until i finished the list of names.


In a Load Test, the repeating of the step for a certain time range and number of users is already handled.  So for Ready API Load, should I forgo the datasource loop types steps .  How do I sequentially work my way through a large list of values when there are concurrent users firing off the requests and avoid collisions?


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Thanks for the question!

Let's see if the Community knows the answer.


@ChrisAdams @aaronpliu @HimanshuTayal @nmrao , any thoughts?

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