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LoadUI unattended install & uninstall scripts

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LoadUI unattended install & uninstall scripts


I have a few Unattended install/unisntall questions:
1. Does anyone have scripts (preferrably PowerShell or MS-DOS batch script) that they have used to install JavaFX/JRE, SoapUI, and LoadUI to a server in an isolated server (no internet connectivity)?

2. Has anyone tried doing unattended UNinstall of these components?

3. Has anyone confirmed if installing just JRE (Java Runtime Environment) package is sufficient for LoadUI's JavaFX dependency?

4. Have you tried to make unattended install or uninstall script including dependencies? If so what was your experience? (painless, painful, what did you learn?)

I already found and have read the dependencies list (SoapUI and JavaFX) and a couple useful pages outlining the unattended install command lines supported. I need to stage these components, deploy them with as much automated scripting as feasible, and be able to remove them as fully as possible to keep QA and Production environments as clean as possible. The lighter I can make this deployment the better. For example, we have not had Java Runtime in these environments. I am sure Operations would greatly appreciate it if we can temporarily install it for LoadUI, run our required load tests, then remove LoadUI and dependencies. (In fact easy + full uninstall may be a hard requirement.)

Thanks in advance. I'll post updates with my experience... good, bad, or ugly :-).
Enjoy! -ZephanS
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Unfortunately JavaFX 1.3.1 (which is what is used by loadUI) can not be redistributed due to licensing issues, and can only be downloaded directly from Oracle for the time being, which means that the loadUI installer does require an active internet connection. Technically speaking, loadUI could be installed by simply copying over the contents of the installation directory and potentially some configuration in the users home directory. For it to run the system needs to provide the JavaFX runtime. You might be able to automate the triggering of the installation of this through the use of a JNLP file, but I'm not certain.

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Yes, downloading JavaFX separately is fine. I have already downloaded the install packages for LoadUI, SoapUI, and JRE. What I need to do is stage these along with a silent install script to be copied to the isolated server environment. When run the script will perform a silent installation (unattended install) for all three installers in the proper order (JRE, SoapUI, LoadUI) without requiring user interaction. Likewise I need to include a script that easily uninstalls all three.

Example silent install batch script:
cd /d d:\staged
start "LoadUI install 1 of 3 - JRE installation for JavaFX" /wait jre-1_5_0-bin-b99-windows-i586-12_aug_2003.exe /s /v"/qn ADDLOCAL=ALL IEXPLORER=1 INSTALLDIR=D:\java\jre
start "LoadUI install 2 of 3 - SoapUI installation" /wait soapUI-install.exe -q
start "LoadUI install 3 of 3 - LoadUI Installation" /wait loadUI-Agent-1_5_0.exe -q -varfile response.varfile

Note the above script is incomplete and untested. (For example, SoapUI-install.exe is missing verision and likely some parameters still.)

References (so far):
* LoadUI Command line install: ... stall.html
* LoadUI Install Troubleshooting: ... oting.html
* Installing LoadUI without Internet Connectivity: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7602&p=22035&hilit=isolated#p22035
* SoapUI silent install:
* Java Runtime 1.5.0 silent install guide: ... ilent.html
* Java Runtime manual download page: JRE Download:
Enjoy! -ZephanS
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