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Issues with HTTP requests redirection on 4.5.1

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Issues with HTTP requests redirection on 4.5.1


I have a Test step in a Project which is a HTTP request (http://...) making a POST and this actually redirects to https://secure.${#Project#externalAddress}/../..

On SoapUI 3.6.1 the redirect is handled well.
But on 4.5.1 the redirection fails and the test times out

"Follow Redirects" is set to True in the HTTPTestRequest Properties for this HTTP request step, still it does not seem to redirect on 4.5.1.
Is this a bug or a known issue?

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It's been almost a year and no replies to this question? I have the same exact situation as described. Is this a known issue? A bug? Or working as it should be?

Any information would be much appreciated.
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