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Is it possible to capture requests sent to an endpoint?

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Is it possible to capture requests sent to an endpoint?



I have the following situation: 


1. External system 1 send information to Service A

2. Service A puts the data into a queue

3. Service B takes the info from the queue and after processing the data, send the data onto External System 2.


There are no responses sent back to External System 1 except for a HTTP 200-ok code.

What i would like to verify in my tests is the request send to External system 2 from Service B.
Is there any way to capture the request information and assert the data being sent to System 2 is correct?

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Have you looked at using Events? In particular the RequestFilter.filterRequest event, the documentation states "Triggers prior to the request being sent, but after the request is created."

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Hi all,


Thanks for this note, @Radford.


@lamplessgenie, was this helpful? Have you found a way to implement your task?

Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

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