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Integrating pipeline with argoCD

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Integrating pipeline with argoCD



We have been tasked with a requirement to have a CICD pipeline built with ArgoCD. I am not able to find any documentation on the web related to this


In the argoCD documentation, i came across a link, which describe their options to connect with CI pipelines. But still no clear directions to perform the same


Does anyone have any idea on this. It would be immensely helpful

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Added a reply to similar ones here, see if that applies to you as well

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Hi nmrao,


I saw the other solution which you have provided for the azure dev-ops. So basically we can use the test runner to call our project xml file

But if we are using test runner in our local machine, we are having the tool and license installed in the local machine . So it will work here


So if I wanted to use the test runner in the Argo-CD, I presume , I have to install the application and license there as well. If that is true, will my existing license work in that node?

Please see documentation

It depends on the license type. If it is floating type, though it is single user, you should be able to use it on different machines (at any point of time single user will be able to use). If it is of Fixed type, then only on the particular machine, I believe.

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Thank you, Rao!


@Sritharan I'd advise addressing all licensing questions to the Support Team or Sales.

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