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How to pass received SecurityToken into the header's security section?


How to pass received SecurityToken into the header's security section?

Hi all,


What should I do to pass a received SecurityToken/DigestValue/SignatureValue/X509Certificate into the header's security section in order to pass the security test?


Using an API of ( I passed a username&password into the header's security section. I received back the Assertion containing these items: SecurityToken/DigestValue/SignatureValue/X509Certificate. Now the security-section allows for these sections: TimeStamp,
BinarySecurityToken, BinarySecuritToken, UsernameToken, Assertion, EncryptedKey, Signature

Now I am trying to consume the's api but am still unsuccesful in getting the security right. Can anybody tell me what value to enter in what section to get past the security?


Best regards,

Tim van Steenbergen

New Contributor


I faced with this stupid problem

Did you solved it? If yes, can you give me a hint ?

May be you want to check this below thread to see if that helps.

You may have to tweak it a bit as per your response.


Thanks for reply, man!

I've seen your reply on stackoverflow, but I can't use this case. I don't have method, which allows me to set any property and I send\receive xml, but not objects.

Maybe you know another method, which allow send assertion auth as xml with API query ?


In that case, it would help if the input and output are specified.

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