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Groovy script to re-run failed tests

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Groovy script to re-run failed tests

As @Olga_T suggested here is a script which re-runs some failed tests. The script is put in the TearDown Script section at the project level.


def testSuiteResults = context.getTestRunner().getResults()
def testCaseResults
def runCount = 0
def testPassed = true

// Iterate through each test case in the project
testSuiteResults.each {
	it.getResults().each {
		// PASSED test case
		if ( it.getStatus().toString().equals("PASS") ) { "The test case '" + it.getTestCase().getName() + "' has passed!"
		// FAILED test case
		} else {
			testPassed = false "The test case '" + it.getTestCase().getName() + "' has failed!"
			// Rerunning the failed test case...
			while ((runCount < 2) && (testPassed == false)) { "Rerunning the test one more time..."
// Ugly stuff. Sorry mom! if (it.getTestCase().run(new, false).getStatus().toString().equals("PASS")) { testPassed = true "The test has eventually passed!" } else { "No luck... :(" } runCount++ } } } }

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Wow, that was a really quick reply Smiley Happy

Well done, @Lucian! Thanks for sharing

Olga Terentieva
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Well thanks! Nevertheless in order for this to be really helpful a solution would need to be found for


For now the execution status just stays as FAIL.

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Hi Lucian,


Your script works fine with my sample project (attached)! I'm not sure I can replicate the situation when "the execution status just stays as FAIL". Am I missing smth?


BTW, I'd correct the script so that it could rerun each TestCase until it passes, but not more than N times.


Clarifications are in the screenshot below:



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hey, sorry for the delayed response. well... even in your printscreen the TestCase 1 appears as red. So it doesn't matter that it eventually passed - it will be failed in the reports.

This is not very handy. If I would have an automated Jenkins build that build would not be green in the described situation.

I looked for a way to 'forget' the previous failed run of a particular test case but I didn't manage to find a solution...

I'm on the road now. Will give more clarifications later if needed.

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Did you manage to get a solution to jenkins automated builds? rerunning failing tests would get a green in my jenkins pipeline 🙂


Thanks in advance

Sorry @Pochamen ,


Nothing new under the sun.

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