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Get Autocompletion for imported libraries inside groovy scripts teststep


Get Autocompletion for imported libraries inside groovy scripts teststep

Hello @all,
Inside my groovy scripts, I always deal with external jar libraries, for instance, java.util, jxl, odbc...etc

As I am not familiar with these libraries, the only way I have found to know which class should I use to suit my need is to load the concerned library inside a java project from my Eclipse IDE. In Eclipse, I have installed a java decompiler, thanks to this plugin, I am able to access code within the loaded libraries.

The native Autocompletion plugin in my IDE works well. Thus, when I explore files hierarchy, I am able to use what ever I want among class or methods that I want to use.

I would like to find a way to do this inside my groovy scripts teststeps. So, when I import jar libraries inside groovy scripts, Ready Api does not provide any autocompletion plugin to look inside native implementations.
Is there a way to get an autocompletion tool on imported jar libraries, which would permit me to access code libraries, to see which metods and which class could be available for use.

Best Regards


SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Thank you for posting to our Community Forum.


ReadyAPI is not currently able to discover methods from imported libraries and autocomplete those methods in groovy.


I have created a feature request on your behalf since it would be an interesting functionality to have.


Have a great day!

Atlassian Ecosystem Manager

Hello Steven, 

Thanks for your reply and for accepting this new feature. Please, let me know when this will be available in a new version of the tool.



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