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Confiure Composite Ready API Project in Azur pipeline


Confiure Composite Ready API Project in Azur pipeline


I have checked in my Ready API project to Github and I got the Composite Project structure which have 2 separate folder for API and Functional Test , and Also files like setting.xml project content and element order .

I tried to Set up Azure pilepline , in That whatever i give its not considering as Project file /Test Suite file and not able to trigger my Test Cases from Azur .


In Local machine i can see single Project.xml file and i pushed that file to git and that i can use in Azur and its working. However ny way to use composite project either in jenkin or Azur ?


Hi @VeenaDevi ; are you using the "Run ReadyAPI Tests from Azure" task?


This is the easiest way to run your tests from an Azure pipeline. Let me know if there is a reason it's not feasible. 


In mentioned link also used a Single Project xml file as in local ,I am looking for a way to use/point composite project which is in github 

Same issue for me. I couldn't configure my composite project which has multiple Test suite and methods folder.

There is no way to give single xml project file. need help

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