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Chained MicroServices Testing in ReadyAPI - has anyone done this before?

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Chained MicroServices Testing in ReadyAPI - has anyone done this before?



I'm on a true microservices project on this particular job and they want me to use PACT, however - this just verifies the contract between microservices and doesnt verify anything external to the contract between 2 microservices (so won't cover off any testing of database writes, etc.)


Take the example in the image:



Now I've done API Gateway to MicroService testing before, but I haven't done the MicroService to MicroService to Microservice before


OR another example:


endpointA --> endpointB --> endpointC, endpointC responds back to endpointB, which then sends the amalgamated response back to endpointA


Has anyone does this sort of testing in ReadyAPI before?  They're giving me the option of picking the tool I want to use - but I've only done this sort of testing using RESTassured with WireMock.


Does anyone know how to setup the above chained microservice scenario in ReadyAPI?  (i.e. Submit POST from A to B, B calls C, C sends response to B, which then sends amalgated response back to A)??  


I've no idea how I could configure ReadyAPI to cover off the above scenario, so would welcome anybody's help at all on this!





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