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Can we get the test case name in BeforeTestCase

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Can we get the test case name in BeforeTestCase

Hi All,


We are implementing a custom framework for our project and for that we need to know the test case name in the Event handler - BeforeTestCase, so that we using the Testcase name we will write a groovy logic do the implementation for the next steps.


Can some please help me how to achieve this.




1) TestCase1

2) TestCase2

3) TestCase3


I have the above three testcases and an Event - BeforeTestCase. So am writing a logic in Groovy script and I need the testcasename that is "TestCase1" before the execution of "TestCase1" and testcasename "TestCase2" before the execution of TestCase2...


Thank you.

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Assuming that you are referring to the "TestSuiteRunListener.beforeTestCase" event handler, it provides you with a variable "testCase" for you to use. Thus the test case name cand be accessed via:'Current Test Case = ' + testCase.getName())


If you haven't already spotted, each script editor will indicate what variables it provides (see screenshot below). These will be dependent on the specific editor you are looking at.




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Thanks a lot it worked.

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you can simply write: testRunner.testCase.getName()


if using groovy script as a TestStep, it will show you the Name of current TestCase.

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