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"Find" or "Search" feature accross multiple steps and places

"Find" or "Search" feature accross multiple steps and places

I'm using ReadyAPI 2.5.0.

Please implement a feature where I can search for text pieces accross all test steps, regardless their types.

Right now I can do this by searching through the xml project files, but it's clearly not the best (or most friendly) option.


Hi, yes, great feature request! I'd like to add: wherever I declare a property (project, testSuite, testCase level) I want to be able to find this back easily. Just like in an IDE I want to be able to find the source where I did this declaration (i.e. in IntelliJ by clicking ctrl+B).

Use Case: I do a rest request A to retrieve some values. One of those values (="X") I write to a property by using testRunner.setPropertyValue "propX".

Some test Suites down the road I assert against that particular property value propX. During a run this assertion suddenly fails, as propX no longer has a value. This was probably due to a change in request A, but I want to be able to find back where exactly I can retrieve the declaration of "propX".


There is already a ReadyAPI plugin that adds the search functionality.

Just goto menu File->Plugins and install The "Full Text Search Plugin".

When installed (and ReadyAPI re-started) the search function is available in workspaces using Ctrl-F or menu File->Search


At least this works in ReadyAPI version 2.1.0

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@mhj   I can't find this in v2.7?

@Nastya_Khovrina   @TanyaGorbunova ...any idea where I can find this please?



You can try to find the Search and Simple Search plugins on the Integrations tab of ReadyAPI. 

BTW, in recent releases we have added several search options: 

- in ReadyAPI 2.4.0 for Navigator panel and Get Data dialog.

- in ReadyAPI 2.6.0 for Assertions
- in ReadyAPI 2.3.0 for Preferences


Please see the versions history here:

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In v2.7.0 "Full Text Search Plugin" is not in the list. Should I download this from somewhere? or is it present under another name?


The "Full Text Search Plugin" isn't provided by SmartBear so I cannot tell you.


I have the following plugins installed in my ReadyAPI: 


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@Nastya_Khovrina  I think there's a bug in V2.7.0!? I don't have it in my list. I've updated ReadyAPI to V2.7.0 yesterday.  😞 

Can you check at your site please?




I installed the mentioned plugins several versions back. Since they are not provided by SmartBear, there is no guarantee that they should be available in ReadyAPI 2.7.0.

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Hey @Nastya_Khovrina 

Where did you get it from might I ask?


@AboveAndBeyond @Nastya_Khovrina 


You can find the search plugin here:

I downloaded the file under "SoapUI Free version" and installed it on my Mac. There is no difference between the free version and the one supplied in earlier versions of ReadyAPI. Here is a direct link to the file:


Note that you have to restart ReadyAPI.

I see no reason why it is not included in the Integrations list. I guess it is just a mistake.





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