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Theme or ability to set high contrast or dark background

Theme or ability to set high contrast or dark background

Hi. I have some eye issues and normally work with a dark background / high contrast in all apps. I use SoapUI daily and find it difficult to read with the default white background. I did a search on the forum and there was a previous request about a year ago in the SoapUI Pro area for this feature. The only response was that it was not supported. I would like to also request this feature. Thanks!
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Nice to have.
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please add 

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This would definitely be a great feature to have!


I also have sight problems and usually have a coloured background instead of white. I use soap daily and find it a huge problem the background colour cannot be changed. Please please please can something be done?

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Please add...  This is a long time coming....


Give it more kudos, so maybe it will be implemented!

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A question from 2014 that I've reposted again this year. Let's all kudoo this please!




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his feature is needed indeed to relax our eyes from screen glare