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Smart Assertion Conditions NOT Matches Regex

Smart Assertion Conditions NOT Matches Regex

List of Smart Assertion Conditions

0.  <, > , >= , <=

1. Equals                AND   Not Equal

3. Equals (one of)  AND   Not Equal (one of)

5. Exists                 AND       Does NOT Exist

7. Empty                AND   NOT Empty

9. Contains            AND  does NOT Contain

11.  Matches (regex)  AND.... AND..... (!!)  And...  and..... and....!!!     Uh..... what happened to NOT MATCHES (regex)  ?!?!

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@JAvila ,

this is a good point.


In the time being we can use a negative regexp, e.g.:




Best regards,



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Thank you KarelHusa - I did not know about this regex function - I would remove this featuer request now!

Thank you

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@JAvila , I think that using Does Not Match (regex) would be much more intuitive for users than negative regex. So your feature request still makes sense to me.


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