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Show test steps also in JUnit report

Show test steps also in JUnit report

Provide an option to also list the Test Steps within each Test Case in the JUnit report. Or provide a way to drill down on each Test Case if needed, by default it can still only show Test Case results. This will be greatly benefit for reporting under a Continuous Integration system.

Occasional Contributor

Supporting this as well. I'd like to have this feature also.

Senior Member

Supporting this. Good to have something like this

Occasional Contributor

Yes This is good feature,makes easy to find and debug point of failure.

It is must have feature.





Status changed to: Implemented

ReadyAPI has a preference that affects JUnit report.  Please set the following:


File > Preferences > ReadyAPI tab > check 'Complete Error Log'


In latest release of ReadyAPI (v2.3) this preferences is checked by default.  If you're updating, that preference will not be overwritten and will need to be set

Occasional Contributor

This is not implemented. I see some more details maybe when a failure occurs. What i would like is to have the ability to also see all the test steps within a TestCase(all the assertions as well). This can be optional as a setting, or the result can list test cases where there is an ability to drill down further if needed to see the test steps as well.

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