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Script library interoperability, javaDoc, refactoring, search & autocomplete in all scripts

Script library interoperability, javaDoc, refactoring, search & autocomplete in all scripts

I'm sorry, but to me the idea mentioned Intellisense-on-custom-groovy-library by @runzTH almost 6 years ago (wow!) is still not implemented, even though labeled as such. In current version ReadyAPI 3.10.0 I still do not have the kind of intellisense I would like to see: 


- no hassling with .jar files, I want to have interoperability with all of the groovy files in my custom script library like defined in the ReadyAPI project. A restart of some sort I can understand, but when we need to start with importing files we know this is something that will only work locally and for that version. 

- PLEASE: Proper IDE capabilities, like auto-complete, auto-formatting, code error detections (missing curly bracket for instance),  renaming/refactoring,  search (and replace),... in ALL scripts (setup scripts, groovy tests steps, tear downs, script library,...). It is such a breeze when I use other (front-end) test automation tools to see that I can do those things, but then return to ReadyAPI and feel like an IT-guy from the 90's. 

- I'd like proper javaDoc documentations to know what each method does. Currently I can only see what parameter type(s) I need to provide, but not what this method actually does or what I can expect to be returned.


Scripting is such an extra weapon to be used in ReadyAPI, it's a shame it cannot be made more powerful by Smartbear.

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Thanks for this assessment bro! Completely do agree with you! Hopefully they hear us. 😉 





Totally agree as well. Ready Api can do a lot without scripting but once you get serious, scripting is inevitable and for that you need proper documentation and functionalities. Please get this done Smartbear!!!

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