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ReadyAPI - New Organization level between Workspace and Project

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ReadyAPI - New Organization level between Workspace and Project

As a tester in my organization, I often am called on to test various different services so I tend to keep my workspace loaded to accommodate my team's needs. While this is likely not ideal, there really isn't a way around this. I debated leveraging different workspaces per groups of services that go together, but that would limit me to being able to test one at a time. Short of appending matching names at the beginning of services, there's no easy way to group them together in a workspace.

What I propose is to add a way to group projects together. So a layout of a workspace would look like this:

  • Workspace
    • Group 1
      • Project 1
      • Project 2
      • Project 3
    • Group 2
      • Project 4
      • Project 5
      • Project 6

That would make this a lot easier on me, and maybe even implementing opening a group of projects at once. 

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