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Make it possible to clone environments between different projects

Make it possible to clone environments between different projects

Different projects may require the same environments. It would be useful to clone them directly rather than recreating them all over again.

Occasional Visitor

Also, I would add this: when creating a new environment for the same project and using the "Copy endpoints & credentials from project", create a third option to also include existing PROPERTY VALUES. In my projects, I have at least 20 custom properties per project that I have to copy over/fill from existing environments, and it's pretty tedious to copy their values one by one.

Status changed to: Accepted for Discussion

There is an existing request in our backlog, internal ID: RIA-3350.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Community Feedback Requested
Community Manager

Hi Community, it would be nice to understand which parts of Environment you would like to be able to copy. This will help us understand this feature request better!


Please leave you comments in this regard here. 

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