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JSON-Schema supported (E.g.: in WADL-Files)

JSON-Schema supported (E.g.: in WADL-Files)

We specify our JSON-Format-Definition with the JSON-Schema.

It would be nice to validate the data directly within SOAP-UI.


Schema specification (IETF RFC Draft)


Understanding JSON-Schema:


Generating JSON-Schemas:


Validating JSON-Schemas:


Using JUnit Tests rest-assured:




I would love to know if there are more that needs JSON-Schema! As of now, it's on our "to watch" list, but we're not getting any requests for it. If this was voted UP here we would do it in a heartbeat! Smiley Happy 




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Our company is in the process of buying more licenses (we have 3) and this would be a huge help to our efforts

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I am currently testing a REST API that accepts and returns JSON. It would be great if SoapUI Pro or Ready API supported natively the ability to assert the JSON response against a JSON schema document. More and more companies are going with JSON versus XML.

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Is there any update about this feature request? Thanks!
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Anyone knows about this kind of validation in READYAPI?
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Old but still works. We are working on something similar at Frontit Thanks for the idea.



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