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Intellisense on custom groovy library

Intellisense on custom groovy library

Can we, and if so how, use something like intellisense on a custom groovy library?


So if we have created some utility functions and keep them in a script folder, or library, can we then reference those scripts and their methods intelligently from a groovy test step?


Agreed.  On a more general note, the intellisense, as currently implemented, definitely needs more work. There's still a lot of standard groovy classes that come with Ready API, which also don't get any intellisense.

Status changed to: Implemented

We are continuously working on improving intellisense / code-completion.  


However, in last v2.4 release we implemented a preference that can load custom Java JARs that should be available in the drop down:

File > Preferences > ReadyAPI tab > Custom Java Libraries (requires restart)


Hopefully this meets your needs


FYI Intellisense still doesn't work properly. I put a "." after and I expect to see what's available and most often nothing comes up.