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Integrate ReadyAPI - Soapui Pro with Allure Reporting

Integrate ReadyAPI - Soapui Pro with Allure Reporting

Our organization would benefit greatly from integration with Allure Reporting. It would be great if SoapUi could allow for annotations, steps and links to be added directly in test case requests/steps that would then output the appropriate xml that generates the beautiful and detailed allure reports.


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This would be amazing to see! Hopefully it will be implemented soon. 


Question from SmartBear here.  Please provide more information if you're experienced with Allure reporting:


- what's the expectation for "Behavior" section?  In documentation I gather it applies to BDD scenarios.  Would you still expect information in "Suites" and "Behavior" section to be rendered the same?


Thanks in advance,

Mike Giller

SoapUI Pro product o


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I think this “Behavior” section creates a relationship between the tests and the user stories or PBIs, so the tests can show the expected behavior for them (maybe the title of the PBIs, etc). A simple user friendly text to make the tests easier to read. The “suites” section shows the tests grouped by i.e. functionality, test type, priority, etc.


I believe this is now implemented:

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Status changed to: Accepted for Discussion

There is an existing request to support annotations (internal ID: RIA-12131)

Status changed to: Implemented

Please find Allure Reports documentation for ReadyAPI here!

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