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Filter/search for request when adding new REST request to test case

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Filter/search for request when adding new REST request to test case

When I add a new REST request to a test case, a window pops up to select the request from a list. The window cannot be resized and there seems to be no coherent ordering on the requests. Can there please be a search or filter feature here? The only way to find a request is to just scroll up and down until you see it. Oftentimes it's just easier to go to another test case with that request and clone it over to the test I am working on.

Status changed to: Implemented

Hi @JustinM89


Try the latest ReadyAPI v2.4 (


We added search functionality to adding a step there




Nearly a year late, but glad to see this improvement. I noticed this a few releases ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that this had made it in. It's very useful!

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