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Distroless docker images for Test Runner and LoadUI Agent

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Distroless docker images for Test Runner and LoadUI Agent

Dear Smartbear,


we are planning to use the pre-configured Docker images (Test Runner and LoadUI Agent) to run tests in our GitLab CICD pipelines. But after consulting with our IT Security Department, only distroless images are allowed to use within our company.


The bare minimum of a distroless image - as required by our IT Security Guideline - is that it contains no package manager. It can be achieved, for example, by a multi-stage docker build, in which the package manager is removed at the last stage.


Thus, I would like to ask you to provide officially distroless Docker images for the Test Runner and LoadUI Agent.


In addition, distroless Docker images are becoming best practices and the default choice for deployment containers. So I'm pretty sure, that a lot of your users would benefit from it 🙂


Thank you very much in advance!


Best regards,

your ReadyAPI user


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