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Deleting multiple properties at once

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Deleting multiple properties at once

I am using ready api for a quite long time and there was a need to delete multiple properties at single point of time, but this feature is not available right now.


If i have multiple properties and i need to delete at once then what i need to do is i need to delete the properties step and add it again to get rid of selecting one by one and deleting it.


Anwer is already there



for( prop in {
  context.testCase.removeProperty( )


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that's via code there should be a feature so that anyone can do it no matter he/she knows coding or not.


If you sondo want the code then only one option is there as per my knowledge,


You need to create one property in the the notepad format and you need to upload the same into project/suite where ever you want ,,but you just need to select the option like delete missing property from file so that all other properties which remains in the suite will be removed in single short...