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Dark Theme for SoapUI in ReadyAPI

Dark Theme for SoapUI in ReadyAPI

Hi. I have some eye issues and normally work with a dark background / high contrast in all apps. I use SoapUI daily and find it difficult to read with the default white background. I did a search on the forum and there was a previous request about a year ago in the SoapUI Pro area for this feature. The only response was that it was not supported. I would like to also request this feature. Thanks!

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I agree why this hasn't happened yet???   Please make dark theme a choice in ReadyAPI and not just the editor....   So many people here at work want this....

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@ronpierce   totally agree!

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i'd love to have a dark theme... my eyes are burning when i'm starring at the screen the whole day.

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We really need this feature...Could you please bump the priority on this? We have been asking for a black theme since 2014    :s

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It will be nice to have, so that we can atleast enble the dark mode, so relax our eyes a bit. 🙂


Need this.  Its better for concerntration.

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I totally agree with you, it would be nice to have this mode for the whole application, not only for the Groovy Script editorThere is an existing request about this in our backlog, internal ID: RIA-8202.

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Most IDEs like Eclipse, Intellij IDEA, Visual Studio implemented the "themes" feature many years ago. It is a standard these days. So, IMO SmartBear should consider this seriously.

I would love a dark theme for ReadyAPI. Synchronized with the system theme, if possible. Thanks! 

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