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Auto start Virt on VirtServer startup

Auto start Virt on VirtServer startup



Can we get a mechanism to auto start virts when a VirtServer starts up,

if you're using a Large VirtServer at capacity the task of manually starting each applicable virt in turn is going to be somewhat tedious



a setting within ServiceV alongside or in the general Virt 'Info' section with a checkbox for 'Auto start with VirtServer'

then if the flag is set and the virt is deployed if VirtServer is stopped and restarted (sys reboot for example) the Virt would not need human intervention to restart it


an overall view would also be highly beneficial especially if it could also configure the flag whilst deployed


within the VirtServer panel in ServiceV where we can view the active Virts and Metrics etc, a view of all deployed virts and their auto start flags with the ability to switch on/off the flags (in a similar way the rows of data in a datasource can be switched on or off)





Thanks for creating this feature request. This feature will be available in next release of Ready! API.


This has been implemented in previous version.  Please test it as it's available in v2.2:


AutoStart on Server.jpg

Status changed to: Implemented