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Add password parameter for the loadtestrunner

Add password parameter for the loadtestrunner


I'm using the latest version from RedayAPI (3.0.0) and my project is password protected - the properties are encrypted. When I want to run functional tests in pipeline, I can give the password over the command-line parameter -p but this parameter doesn't exists for the loadtestrunner.


This fact is not an error but a missing function. Without this feature, encoding the properties in a project is a major drawback when you want to automate the load test because I must deactivate the passwort protection to run the loadtestrunner. This is a strong security restriction, especially if you want to protect the passwords/token/secrets used in cloud repositories.

A lot of services are provided in the cload nowadays and the trend is increasing, besides the reason I ask the reader to vote for the function to introduce the password parameter for the loadtestrunner as well.


Thanks in advance for the votes.


Greetings, Giovanni