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Add an event for Report post-processing

Add an event for Report post-processing

The need

In ReadyAPI there are nice options of reporting, however there is missing any function to do report post-processing.

The post-processing needs are:

  • to send a report via email
  • put the report into a storage
  • create a Jira item etc.

Currently the report files are just placed in the output directory.


On TestCase and TestSuite level there are Report script holders, but the purpose of the script is to extend the reporting options (it is executed before the reports are finished, not after), i.e. for report pre-processing. On the project level there is no such option.


Solution proposal

A good place to execute specific actions are the events. But there is no "ReportListener.afterReport" event. 

Please add a new event ReportListener.afterReport which will be triggered after any report is finished by testrunner. 

Such event will be used by Groovy scripts to do the report post-processing.


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