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Ability to parameterize REST API Parameter Names

Ability to parameterize REST API Parameter Names

Currently it is easy using the OTB to parameterize a REST APIs template/query/matrix/header parameter values to dynamically build a URI.

However there is no OTB functionality that allows the user to parameterize the parameter values themselves.

Im currently working on a project where the REST APIs query parameter names are actually database table column names. Any table attribute in the database is queryable so it would help a lot if there was OTB functionality to enable this.

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Very much valid case.


But how are we going to change the query parameter name dynamically during the execution if multiple steps in the test case? Again using a script?

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This will be a great feature.


This to pass the parameter values at test set level. This way we don't have to hard code the values in test cases for ReadyAPI tests.


EX: I have a test case where I should run the same test case for 50 states in USA.


Now, in QA Complete I have to create 50 test cases in TEST LIBRARY one for each state passing State code as parameter for each test case in automation tab.

If I get new feature where I can pass State code as Parameter to each test case which eventually passed to ReadyAPI then I can create only one test case in TEST LIBRARY and get 50 copies of the same test case in to TEST SET and pass state code as parameter.


I can achive this by data driven approch but i prefer QA complete to drive this 🙂


@richie  If you think what said is not relavent to what is asked. Please let me know so that I can create a new request. thanks



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Hey @Marramreddy @nmrao 



@Marramreddy -no, no - what you said is exactly what I'm talking about!  I hadn't even considered having a repeating loop test case because my assertions differ based on the QueryParm values in the URI's query string - so yeah - good extrapolation of my original request!






I really want this.

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Hi @richie 


what is OTB please?



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OTB = Out The Box - I mean native or embedded functionality available within the ReadyAPI! application itself rather than having to extend the functionality with groovy.


Hope this has made it clear!





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@richie absolutely. Thanks for the explanation  😉 

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