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QA Complete - JIRA synchronization (your experience)

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QA Complete - JIRA synchronization (your experience)



We are struggling for some time now with the QAC / JIRA synchronization process and the purpose of this goal is to share your experience on this topic and potentially get some ideas to fix our issue.


The environment:


- We have JIRA on premise (behind the firewall) and QAC hosted in the cloud 

- We have a similar JIRA / Zendesk integration in place working smoothly so no issues with firewalls, ...

- Several JIRA technical plugins (iDalko Table Grid plugin, Adaptavist ScriptRunner for JIRA, Database Custom Field). Mentioning these as Smartbear support is expecting a conflict with some of them.


The use case:


- Bidirectional synchronization of stories in JIRA with requirements in QAC (only standards fields such as summary, priority, assignee)


 - Bidirectional synchronization of bugs in JIRA with defects in QAC (only standards fields such as summary, severity, assignee)


We managed to get some information from Smartbear as to how the integration process is working, namelly:


"When an issue change (including creating, updating, deleting of an issue and creating, updating and deleting of comment added to the issue) takes place, an internal jira event is raised. We add a listener for this event that prepare changed data in some way and then send it via POST request to QAComplete Connector service that applies given change to a QAComplete system.



The problem:


Basically, the synchronization process from JIRA to QAC is not working, the other way around is generally working well.



The suspicion from the Smartbear support is a conflict with a JIRA plugin, namely:


During a usual routine our listener entry point is called within a thread that has additional metadata, current user's authentication data among it. Since we can't reproduce the problem on our side, we assumed that some of the client’s plugins override the event raising logic and thus our listener entry point is called within a thread that does not have current user's authentication data (and, possibly, some other metadata).




Are you facing similar issues with the synchronization process? And in case, any tips / directions to help you fixing this problem.


Thank you so much for your inputs.




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I have a JIRA Cloud to QAC Cloud instance and i have been trying to get the sync to work consistently since May 2017.  Its very frustrating.  Some fields sync, others do not sync.  As well as the formatting my requirements details and steps to reproduce bugs looses the html formatting.  I have several fields that sync sporadically.  I was hoping to be up and running 30 days after getting the product, but I am still not up a running, which leaves my team still using Jira for bugs and requirements, because we can't depend on the sync.  I am thinking of pulling the sync altogether unfortunately or scraping my setup and starting over.  It's been over 90 days now.  I have to be honest the issues i am seeing I would expect their team to have resolved and the quality to be much higher.  I still like the tool but I am disappointed.

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Thank you for the feedback. Although Smartbear's QAC support team is quite responsive and helps, I am also facing these sporadic issues and missing log files to troubleshoot..

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