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Q&A from our latest SmartBear Academy 201 Session!

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Q&A from our latest SmartBear Academy 201 Session!

Q. Previously the test runner would flow from one test to the next. Now am I right in thinking it requires a manual click to progress from one test to the next?
A. This is correct. A manual click is required to progress from one test to the next. We appreciate your feedback and have passed the suggestion on to our Product Development team.


Q. Can Risk assessment be done at the test case level?
A. Risk assessment can be accomplished by creating a custom field for risk and assigning each test case a risk level. You can then create a Test Library Detail Report to reflect risk level.


Q. Is there a way to email the test results with pass/fail status?
A. Yes! You can set up email alerts for multiple scenarios, including sending email alerts whenever a test run has passed or failed. These alerts can be enabled by hovering over the Home tab and clicking Email Alerts.


Q. Are there standard reports with charts or do we have to create custom reports?
A. There is not a report directly associated with the Dashboard charts, but in Legacy Reports you can choose a standard report to reflect the data in the dashboard charts.


Q. Can you manually override something a rule would set?
A. Yes! If you have created a workflow rule, it is possible to manually override the rule (e.g. change the status) within the item’s form.


Q. Can you limit the number of items shown in a bar chart and have it split into more charts?
A. This is not a current functionality; however, you do have the option to drag and drop the same chart multiple times onto the dashboard and filter each chart differently. You can choose a public filter or specify a particular release in order to narrow down the number of items displayed on the chart (e.g. a new chart for each release)


Q. Are Test Type, Due Date, Risk custom fields?
A. Test Type is a default field that is available and can be added under Setup > System Configuration > Screen Layouts. “Due Date” and “Risk” are both custom fields. These can be created within form or in Setup.


Q. How does a skipped test reflect in reporting?
A. In the Test Runner, if a test is marked Skipped at the test level, then the test will appear as Skipped in reporting. If a test step is skipped and all other steps are passed, then the test will be marked as Passed in reporting. Likewise, a skipped step amongst failed steps will appear as Failed in reporting.

Q. What is the test agent?
A. Follow this link for information on the test agent: Agent.htm?

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