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How to run single TestNG test through QA Complete?

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How to run single TestNG test through QA Complete?


I am using QA Complete for Test Management. I have created tests in the Test Library, now I want to integrate each test in the Test Library to automation. I am able to execute Test class with the maven checkbox checked, but I don't want to execute the entire class. I want to integrate tests in the test library to test functions in the test class.


For example, I have testname=sampleTest in my test class. I have a corresponding test with the name Sample Test in QA Complete in TestLibrary. After linking the Automation I want to run only the sampleTest test from the test class.


How to achieve this?

I am using maven. I want to do this with maven.




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Have you looked at the documentation on assigning TestNG tests in QA Complete?


We have it running as follows on the automation tab of the Test Case:

Set your title and timeout per your discretion.

Agent = TestNG (Selenium)

Test Class = script.{YOUR_TEST_SCRIPT_NAME}

Check "Use Maven Project"


Url, UNC, or local path = file:///C:/Documents/Workspace_Selenium/{YOUR_PROJECT}

* This one will depend on where your automation is running. Our runs on a VM and this is the path on the VM.

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