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How do I migrate a script used in TestComplete to QAC

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How do I migrate a script used in TestComplete to QAC

I have created scripts in TestComplete to move around on a mobile screen. There is not a place for these in QAC.  How do I migrate these scripts over into QAC and reference them in the keyword test?

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QAComplete allows running TestComplete tests of any type (including mobile tests) on the host machines which have TC installed. To run your tests from QAComplete, you need to configure a host there (by installing Test Agent on the machine you are going to run your tests on and connecting it to your QAComplete instance) and then configure automation for a Test record in QAC.  You can learn about setting up TC autotests in QAComplete in the Assign TestComplete Tests help topic.

Alexandra Ilyukhina

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Thank you for your response.  I have already submitted a ticket for the failure to export a keyword test from TestComplete(TC) to QAC.  I have several other keyword tests working on the test host that I manual entered.  I have a couple that are failing without any sort of log being provided. 


My question is specific to scripts set up in TC that are called within the keyword tests as "Run Script Routine" steps.  I see no information on how the keyword test accesses those scripts in QAC.  Do those scripts need to be attached to the keyword tests in QAC?  or does QAC copy those scripts associated with the test when it downloads the keyword test and runs them on the host?

Actually, this individual did get tired of all the bugs and moved to another product that has much better service and less bugs.  Your response was totally unhelpful but that is on par for the service I received any time I had an issue with this product. 

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Hi mfoster_2019,


It's sad to hear that you had such experience with QAComplete. I see that you worked with the Customer Care team on a set of questions and many of them were resolved.


At the moment, we are developing and improving Zephyr - a great test management tool. I wonder if you take a look at Zephyr. Perhaps, this tool will better suit your needs.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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