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Download XML attachments in QAComplete

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Download XML attachments in QAComplete

Hello all


In QAC On-Prem, we want to add an XML attachment to a TestCase and then download them again later. Currently we get the following error message, when we try to download the attachment:

{"errors":[{"message":"'Xml' Features have been disabled by your administrator","code":403}]}


Currently we use the following workaround.
1. click on the file icon
2. select "save link as


Is there a setting in QAComplete to allow the download of XML files?


Many thanks

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To allow the download of XML files in QAComplete, you will need administrative access to the system. Log in with administrative privileges and navigate to the administration settings or configuration section. Look for the file attachment or file types section and fine the XML file type or extension. Enable the tiktok video downloader option for XML files by selecting the appropriate box or setting. Save the changes, and users should now be able to download XML attachments without encountering the Xml features have been disabled error message.
Looking forward to your response

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@FinneganStetsonfirst, thank you for your feedback. However, can you please answer the following questions for me?

Log in with administrative rights
You mean on the QAComplete server, right?

Find the File Attachment or File Types section and specify the XML file type or extension.
Where exactly do you mean, in QAComplete in the administration area or in the file system? Could you please send me a screenshot?

Thank you very much!

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