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Blocked Status - how can it be used ???


Blocked Status - how can it be used ???

Is anyone successfully making used of Blocked status?

I've tried different tests marking several of my steps as Blocked, but they automatically switch to either Passed or Failed when I go to the last step of my test. 


Blocked status will never show as the Last Run Status in the test library test list - you can only see it if looking into the run history within a test - so it is not generally visible.  


From past testing I saw that with run history reports it will list all tests that were ever in blocked status, which doesn't help if you only want to see what is currently in blocked status. 


What is the intent and how is blocked status supposed to be used?  I don't find much information in the documentation.

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You can manually change the test status to Blocked on the Test Runner screen. Please see my sample video:



Customer Care Team

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