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Would be nice to re-label some buttons for clarification

Would be nice to re-label some buttons for clarification

There are so many different screens and buttons and choices when entering a Test Set Suite or a Test Case or a Test Step it can be confusing on where you are at times.


  1. add a new step, I select the test and go to steps.  The button only says Edit Steps and after you select it, only then do you get an option to add a step.  Would be nice if the button said Add/Edit steps like it does when it says Add/Edit Tests.
  2. when in a screen, when what user is doing is displayed at the very top left of the screen, would be nice if it were a bit more visible
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That would be convenient, if Add Steps and Edit Steps could be two separate buttons. When a user needs to click many times to choose among actions (edit, add), s/he can get irritated easily. It's a psychological phenomenon of a new digital era, when people are not wanting to wait too long.


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