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Provide a way to view Agile Task details from Team Task Board cards

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Provide a way to view Agile Task details from Team Task Board cards

I have dozens of Agile Task assigned out to team members and we are using the Team Task Board view those tasks.  However, anytime we need to view the details of a task during a discussion we have to click on Agile Tasks then scroll through all the task or do a search (which given the search fuctionality can be a hit or miss but either way is just another step/click/process) to view the details of the task (card view) we were just looking at.  


It would be more efficient and a better experience be able to go directly from the Team Task Board card to the details of the Agile Task by way of double-clicking, right-click context menu option, or via "details" link that is included with the card.  I'm sure there are even more and better UI patterns that would work that I don't even know about to address this. 

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