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Allow horizontal dynamic resizing of the Step area in the Test Runner right panel

Allow horizontal dynamic resizing of the Step area in the Test Runner right panel

Many of our tests have more than six lines per step.  We can't see these in the Step frame of the right panel of the Test Runner without scrolling, which is annoying.  It's more important to us to see everything in the Step frame than see what's in the Expected and Actual Results panels. 

It's not practical for us to hover over the step in the left nav because sometimes we have to copy/paste text from the Step box.

Also, the lines in the test step were entered single-spaced in the Test Editor and the Test Runner shows it as double-spaced.


I suggest that you change this panel to allow the user to pull down the line in the center of the frame to act as dynamic resizing of the top of the frame that contains the Step box.  This will let the user see more in the Step box and less of the Expected and Actual Results boxes, or the reverse if they choose.

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Agree that this is annoying behavior - whoever thought 6 lines was enough to see a step? 

Sizing should be dynamic - call it "automatic sizing - showing the entire test step so scrolling isn't needed.  Having to scroll is inefficient; that is, a waste of time as it add no value. 


If dynamic adjustment to the content isn't possible, then at least let the *user* configure how many lines they want to see - they can make the best decision between too much white space and seeing the desired amount of content.

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Its pretty awesome and I love this.
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Can I install a plugin to resize the Step area? Is it possible with a custom code?




Matt Baum, Canadian editor writemyessayfast

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