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Add option to edit test outcome for a completed test run

Add option to edit test outcome for a completed test run

After a test run is completed (all steps marked either pass or fail) its outcome gets locked and can't be altered.


While the reason behind its logic and needed,

adding the ability of changing test outcome depending on access level (admin/lead access only) would allow more flexibility and would help in situations like:


Several test runs are completed as failed due to an issue that was overlook and in the end not an issue.

This mistake can not be amended and a new run is required, which will then require more work when extracting metrics etc.


Test outcome should be editable as long as End Run button was not pressed.

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We were quite sourprised when we found out about this test runs not being editable.


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At least allow it while Runs has not been ended... +1

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I was thinking exactly the same.

I hope they find a solution for this soon...


Status changed to: Accepted for Discussion
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+1 to Brozankian - this is really needed feature. 

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+1 - I am totally agreed with this new feature. At least run should be editable if it has not been ended.

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+1-Our internal clients would really appreciate seeing this feature made available.  Thanks




I just ran into a situation where this was an issue.

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I am doing a POC on QAC tool for my project, and faced this issue. Definitely this is a must feature to have (when the test run is not completed user should be able to edit the test item result).

Looks like this request has been pending for long time, can you let me know when this feature will be available for customers? Based on that i can send my POC results to my management. Thanks.


Hi all -

With our latest release (10.2, build 10.2.72, the current SaaS version), when runnin a test set, you can page back through the tests and change results until all tests in the run are completed.

We have not yet provided the ability to change results after the entire run is completed, and are still looking into this side of the issue.


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