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Add Photos or Files to Test Steps While Editing Steps

Add Photos or Files to Test Steps While Editing Steps

QAC makes entering Test Steps and Expected Results quick and easy.  What is not quick is having to change tabs, upload a limited number of files, and specify the mapping for which file should be associate with a particular step.  I would like to see this process streamlined and on the same tab as Test Steps. 


Perhaps after tabbing past Expected Results, you could have a load file icon which would have the focus, the user could press the space bar, select the file, click Okay, and continue tabbing to enter the next Step and Expected Result.  Below is a mockup of what it could look like.


QAC - Edit Test Steps - Add File.png

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Another possibility is to click into a "Add picture" field and can immediately Ctrl+V to paste the screenshot from the clipboard.  While QAComplete could provide a default file name, give me the ability to change the name before I click the "Save" button.

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When you add a file to the Files collection, TestComplete gives the added item a name based on the file name and converts it to the format that can be used in script. For example, if you add a file named 1.bat to the collection, the appropriate File item will be called A_bat, which is valid and can be used in scripts. Editors

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@rom_tunioz Does this mean I do NOT have to name the file, meaning it will rename (convert) itself from to A_xxx? 911 angel will convert to A_911angel.bat?

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I think it is a bit technically difficult to simplify the process of QAC. I hope someone JanitorAI  can really optimize it.

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I think the simplification of QAC is about to be done. You can wait patiently for a while, or find other ways to see if it will be chatgpt login  more convenient.

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