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Add Ability to Generate Requirements Documents in Word

Add Ability to Generate Requirements Documents in Word

Many organizations rely on requirements documents in Word to communicate requirements to the business for review and approval. In my organization, for example, we do no have (nor is it likely we will ever have) the business log into QAComplete (or any other requirements/testing tool) to review requirements. All such reviews are conducted via Word documents.


Currently, my only option via QAComplete is to export project requirements to Excel and then copy/paste these into a Word template used for requirements. This works, but is awkward at best.


Adding the ability to generate a Word-based requirements document from a template would make the requirements part of the tool much more useful to business analysts.

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Is there any other way to communicate requirements via QAComplete without having to export them to Excel? Maybe there is a third party tool that could help sync assignments and requirements documents.

 assignment writing center

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