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Average duration NaN in comparison report of test runs

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Average duration NaN in comparison report of test runs

In the comparison report of test runs I get an average duration value NaN in one of the test scripts of the load test scenario



Do you know why that is, and what I can do to get 'normal' values?


Hello EdwinVeerkamp,


In some cases, you may encounter empty values or "NaN" values in the script durations within the comparison report. This occurs when a script fails to complete at least one full iteration, resulting in incomplete data for the script durations.

If you access the load test separately, you will notice that steps 3 and 4 display empty fields as they were not finished.

To ensure you have comprehensive data for the scenario, it is necessary for all scripts to finish at least one iteration.

If you encounter any further issues or have additional questions, please let me know. 

LoadNinja Customer Care

Hey there,


Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention. I understand that in the comparison report of the test runs, you're encountering an average duration value of NaN in one of the test scripts of the load test scenario. That's not what we want to see.


Rest assured. Our team will take immediate action to improve the application and address how missing values are compared and presented in the results. We need to ensure accurate and meaningful data for analysis.


We appreciate your vigilance in identifying this issue, as it helps us enhance our application's overall quality and reliability. If you have any additional information or suggestions regarding this matter, please feel free to share them. We value your input.

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