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Provide Improved Databank Handling configurations

Provide Improved Databank Handling configurations

Option 1: Databank(s) is automatically split into the same number of files as the number of load generators.  Each load generator gets its own fraction of the original file.  This is the most common use case.  A row of data is UNIQUE across all load generators.

Option 2:  The Databank(s) is sent in it's entirety to each load generator.  A row of data is only UNIQUE for a load generator - not across all load generators.



Option 1: Upon reaching the end of the databank, start again from the beginning of the file.

Option 2: Upon reaching the end of the databank, stop the test.



Option 1: Sequential

Option 2: Random



Occasional Contributor

I agree!

Occasional Contributor
Can you think of other options that would enhance databank handling?
Occasional Contributor

There is already the option for sequential or random.   I have just started using the application and was not aware that the file would not start over at eof. 


Not sure if the file format allows for "quoted" data in the CSV file.   This is important for me for testing the searching of the "exact phrase" with the search results returning "exact phrase" or for searching 2 words in any order -  exact,  phase, or combination or the 2 words that is unquoted.  We have multiple databases and the number of results returned would be less if we did quoted data.   This would also affect the performance outcomes. 


Without a downloadable csv file for the output,  I do not know which user uses which data element in the Data Bank.  How are shared or not shared?   If I have a data file with 50 search terms and 5 users - do they all use the first 5 and the final 45 are not used?

Occasional Contributor
"There is already the option for sequential or random. " This was recently implemented. It had not been implemented when I posted the enhancement request. I will run some testing later today to determine the answers to the rest of your questions
Occasional Contributor
Update: Quotes seem to have no effect as they are stripped out when being imported by LoadNinja.
Occasional Contributor

That could be a problem then.    It changes on how records are returned in the search results based on quoted or noo quoted data.

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