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Add The Ability to Clone Scripts

Add The Ability to Clone Scripts

Use Case: Often a tester will want to have multiple scripts that only differ in a few aspects. It would be great if a script could be cloned within the project - With the new copy having a different name. That script could then be edited to reflect the differences.

Thank you for the new idea  MichaelPunsky. This ability now exists and is documented here:


The File drop-down menu includes the following commands:

  • New — Start recording a new script.
  • Open — Close the current script and open another.
  • Save — Save the current test using either the existing name or a new name.
  • Exit — Close the script recorder.
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Status changed to: Implemented

This enhancement was covered when we added the save as capability.  A tester can save a script to a new name within the same project OR save the script to a new or same name in another project.  Save and Save As 

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